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Compensating Developing Timer - Accessories and Spares

Compensating Development Timer

    Timer, Bare

  • Timer only
  • Accessories and sensor not included
  • £125 incl p&p


Foot Switch

    Foot Switch

  • Compatible with Enlarger Timer and Temperature Compensating Developing Timer
  • 2m cable
  • £40 incl p&p


    Tray ClampTray Clamp

For fitting temperature sensor to developing tray

£25 incl p&p




Tank Gland

Allows a water-tight seal on the temperature sensor - ideal for fitting the sensor to a developing tank when using inversion agitation. 6mm to fit temperature sensor, requires 12mm / 1/2" hole to be drilled.

£10 incl p&p



Wall Cradle

Wall Cradle

A drop-in, lift-out wall cradle to hold the timer unit.

3mm clear acrylic.

Supplied with wall fixings 

£30 incl p&p


Temperature Sensor

Temperature Sensor

Precision stainless steel-encapsulated thermistor

6mm / ¼" diameter

150mm / 6" length.

4 inch and 2 inch sensors are also available on request - please contact us - the shorter sensor is convenient for permanent mounting to a developer tray using the gland above.

£40 incl p&p


Compensation Curves

User-Defined Compensation Curves

The standard unit is supplied with a temperature coefficient of 2.5 programmed in the firmware.

We are able to programme your preferred temperature coefficient instead. To do this, add the timer to your cart then add the User-Defined Curves to the cart also, with the button below, stating the temperature coefficient required. This should be in the range 0 to 4.0 - please contact us if a number outside this range is required. We will then programme your unit accordingly.

The charge for your bespoke programming is £20.

It is possible to verify the implemented temperature coefficient in the unit you have - refer to the instruction manual.

If you require an existing unit to be re-programmed to a different coefficient, this can also be carried out. The basic cost will be the same however shipping costs will apply - please use the contact form or email us at enquiries@dlgelectronics before sending your unit.

Temperature Coefficient (0-4)

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