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Photometer 2

The Photometer 2 is designed to provide affordable focal-plane metering for large format DLG Exposure Meterphotographers.

  • Developed in consulatation with large-format photographers
  • Meter light level at any point in the image plane
  • Optimise exposure settings for highlight, shadow areas and mid-tones
  • Wide sensitivity range - exposures from 1/2000s to > 1 hour
  • Settable film speed
  • Two memories - store shadow or highlight tones while metering another to optimise exposure across the image
  • Convenient hand-held battery-operated meter unit, intuitive and easy to use
  • Metering probe and frame inserts in camera in place of standard film carrier
  • Ideal when using the Zone system.
  • £180 + £10 p&p (UK mainland, please contact us for overseas orders).


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Future Products - the "Darkroom Assistant" Range

The "Darkroom Assistant" is being developed for the darkroom user.

These products are being developed with the needs of the darkroom user as a highest priority. The products feature ergonomic design for use in the dark and low-light conditions:

  • Tactile switches
  • IIlluminated displays and controls in “safe” red
  • Ultra-dim display mode when using sensitive panchromatic materials
  • High-contrast, high-legibility fascia marking

 Temperature-Compensating Developing Timer

As with many chemical processes, the development of photographic materials is very temperature dependent, with development times shortened at higher temperatures and lengthened at lower temperatures.

The compensating timer takes the hit-and-miss out of developing. The timer runs at a rate dictated by the temperature of the developer solution so that you can be sure of always getting the results you need - independent of the ambient temperature conditions.

Temperature is measured continually during the development process and the timer run rate adjusted automatically so that the correct timings are acheived even as the temperature changes during the development process.

The temperature compensating timer features:

  • Temperature compensation "on" (compensated) or "off" (timer runs at real time)
  • Implements the standard "Ilford" compensation curves.
  • Accurate - using a precision temperature sensor, 10-bit A-D conversion and digital timing
  • zero to one hour timing range, resolution one second.
  • Bench-top use or wall-mount
  • Battery and mains power
  • Clamp for developing tray use - included
  • Gland for sealing sensor into tank - included

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Available from End March (planned)

Price £180

Download Specification Sheet (pdf format)

To register your interest and receive updates, or to pre-book your unit (no obligation, no upfront payment, 10% discount offered to pre-booked orders) please use the contact us form or email enquiries@dlgelectronics.com

Enlarging Meter/Timer

Eliminate the test strip! Determine required paper grade!

Allows point metering across the projected image, selection of optimum exposure time to suit image brightness range, visual indication of greyscale range and selection of optimum paper grade

Optional control of enlarger (for auto-exposure timing), safelight and room light.

Product launch date – expected August/September 2018

Target price - £250 (subject to change during ongoing development)

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